Burp The CAT 6/12 7-10pm
Back again join us for live music featuring Burp the Cat outback on the patio.


Mamas Black Sheep 6/13 2-5pm
If you take one guitar, a bunch of drums, two amazing voices, a dash of humor, a touch of love, and some outrageously strong musicianship…mix ‘em all together…and stir well….you’ve got the recipe for a great time. 

mama bs.jpg

Spike & Tommy 6/17 7-10pm
Spike & Tommy live outback on the patio!


Moonstone 6/18 7-10pm
Moonstone live outback on the patio!

moonstone 6-18.png

Bad Moon 6/19 7-10pm
Bad Moon returns to The Woodstock Inn outback on the patio. These guys know how to throw a party you don't want to miss this!!

bad moon logo.jpg

Aaron Hawkins 6/20 2-5pm
Join us as Aaron Hawkins from the band Loose Ties makes his debut here at The Woodstock Inn.

Aaron Hawkins.png

Ruben Montoya 6/24 7-10pm
Back again by popular demand. Come check out Ruben Montoya outback on the patio!

Rueben montoya 5-27.png

High Ridge Band 6/25 7-10pm
High Ridge is a band, covering 100+ songs from 1950’s- 2000’s. The genres of music they play are, Rock, Country, Funk, Alternative, and Oldies.


Alisha O'Malley 6/26 2-5pm
Stop out and enjoy live music outback on the patio with the amazingly talented Alisha O'Malley

Alisha O'Malley.png

Frankie 6/27 2-5pm
Stop out and enjoy live music outback on the patio featuring Frankie.